Brochura | 2015-04
Two in one

Lubrication devices


This lubricator from protection class IP 54 has a very compact design. It has one or two pump bodies that can be individually controlled, depending on the design. This means it can supply one or two lubrication points with lubricant.
LC units are available in the size 250 cm3. The lubricator is supplied with power either from a battery or via a power supply unit. It can work independently or can be optionally controlled by an external control system.

The advantages of the lubricator are as follows:

  • Supply of up to two lubrication points
  • Supply of set lubricant quantity independent of temperature
  • Reliable piston pump as feed pump
  • Reduced personnel costs compared to manual relubrication
  • Favorable price-performance ratio
  • Operating temperature from -20 °C to +70 °C
  • Different lubrication intervals can be set to suit each lubrication point
  • Battery or mains operation possible (DC 24 V)
  • Pressure build-up of up to 50 bar
  • Coupling with machine operation possible
  • Can be controlled via an external control system

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